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The New Stella

Shimano Stella is known throughout the world. It is one of anglings most iconic reels, the flagship of Shimano. But Stella is so much more than just engineering excellence.

Stella has a history and it has soul. It delivers enjoyment on so many levels. To some just owning a Stella is enough. The pride, the passion, it defines you as an angler in more ways than words ever could, and to use Stella delivers unrivalled pleasure.

The new Stella is now ready for the next generation. Own it with pride and use it with joy… after all you deserve it!

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Stella Freedom

The outstanding design and engineering of the new Stella gives you the freedom to fish how you want.

Lightweight, sensitive, powerful and strong, Stella is a joy to use and combines all of the qualities you need for fishing at the highest performance level.

Stella Emotion

Stella is more than just an amazing piece of engineering. It is a reel that defines who you are as an angler.  

Technically brilliant and aesthetically beautiful, to use a Stella is a joy only those who own one can fully appreciate.

Stella Excitement

The excitement and joy you feel when fishing with Stella is an experience you will never forget.

Engineering perfection makes fish-playing so precise, responsive and enjoyable you will never forget your first fish on the new Stella